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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mix and match #2 using Project 333

On Monday, I was talking about my wardrobe... and I even showed you pictures of a pair of jeans I modified and outfits I created based on that pair of jeans.

Today I would like to show you, how using the same tops and maybe one more and 2 different bottoms you can easily create more outfits...  so with 11 number of items, you can easily create 10 outfits and even a few more... because using the same items, I could have added a few more outfits!!! But you also need to use your own imagination....  :-)

Obviously those outfits are for days when no formal dress up is required!  But the same principle could apply to any type of wardrobe....  when you use minimal number of colors and neutrals, it's easy to do!!!  If  you want, send me pictures of a few items and I will help you out to mix and match them!!!

So the items are:

one pair of jeans
one  fuchsia skirt
one pair of jean short
one corduroy blazer
one navy cotton vest
on scarf
one fuchsia cami
one off white cami
one fuchsia and orange cami
one flower top
one white top with beads

11 items!
10 outfits!
and potentially 3-4 mores....

Here are the pictures:

this is awesome!!!  there you go... you have our capsule wardrobe!

I think this goes to show that dressing with style doesn't have to be expensive and does not require many items!!  And honestly, how much attention do you think people put into what you're wearing?  As long as it looks clean and fits you well... they won't notice!  OK, maybe a few will...  but most won't!

This exercise made me realise that I have one skirt that doesn't go with many items in my wardrobe...  perhaps only one...  so every time I will wear this skirt, I will look the same!!!  Or I will buy 2 more tops to go with it...  but not sure I want to invest more into my wardrobe now...  I think I have enough!  So this item may actually end up in the donation pile that is always there at my home! I will have to think about this one....

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love and peace,

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