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Friday, May 31, 2013

How to pack for a week away... and more amendement to my list of clothes for Project 333

So here it is.... the last post of this series....  some of you had long asked about pictures....  you got them!  ;-)
My last picture is what I am actually wearing today...  and both items are part of the ones you saw before... but in a different combination!

So in my luggage....   for a week away, I would have those 11 items that we talked about...  and I would add a dress (#10) for a nice night out followed by a romantic walk in a park... The dress could be used with the jacket as well in case it gets chilly!  (Hey where I come from, you have to be ready for any eventuality temperature wise!) This would allow me to create about 14 different looks...

If I ever wanted to go away for longer...  I would just add an extra pair of jean short (in the list below, you can see that I have 2) and perhaps a few more tops (probably # 15, 18 and 19) This would allow me to go away for a few weeks!!! Probably even a few months if I had access to a washing machine! Can you imagine???  Without heavy packing!!!

All this is really nice...  and doing the exercise was challenging... in a way... and it forced me to imagine different ways to wear my stuff...  because me too I tend to wear the same top with the same bottom over and over again!!!  It is so much easier... But creating this capsule wardrobe was great help.... and it made me realize that some items in my list were still there for no reasons.... and I did not really liked them... or they did not fit me well... so as of last night they're gone!!!  Thanks to you guys....  unfortuante people will enjoy those clothes more than I would!!! There was actually 4 items.

Therefore my actual list of clothes for the upcoming 3 months is as follow.... I will see if I wear all of this...  if not, more donations are coming!!!

Therefore  my actual list of items for June 1st to Aug 31st is:

1)Wide leg jeans
2) Jeans with flower patch
3) Torn up jeans (for week end and Holiday's only!)
4) White denim pants
5) Black pants (fancier - for going out)
6) pair of jean shorts ( for commute on very hot days, week ends and holidays)
7) pair of jean shorts ( for commute on very hot days, week ends and holidays)
8) Fuchsia skirt
9) Navy and beige dress
10) Flower sexy dress
11) fuchsia and grey flowy cami
12) fuchsia, orange and grey flowy cami (for week end and holidays only)
13) Om t-shirt
14) Recycle t-shirt
15) Stripe navy 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
16) Stripe olive 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
17) Olive 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
18) loose white t-shirt
19) Beige with pink and orange drawing 3/4 sleeve t-shirt (for week end and holidays only)
20) Flower cami (to be worn at work with a vest for eg)
21) fuchsia cami
22) beige cami
23) long sleeves stripe shirt (white and blue)
24) long sleeves stripe shirt (white and blue)
25) cotton shirt
26) fancy navy polka dot shirt
27) Navy cotton vest ( mostly for air conditioning conditions)
28) short sleeve grey vest (to over over camis at work or when cooler in the morning)
29) short sleeve green vest (to over over camis at work or when cooler in the morning)
30) White boho top
31) sleeveless army green top
32) zebra drawing t-shirt
33) Beige corduroy jacket

I really need another skirt... for work.. because now I am really limited as to what I can wear at work on hot days! On coolre days, I'll go with jeans...  or the black pants!

What about you guys?  Do you have a capsule wardrobe?  Do you need help creating one?

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love and peace,

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