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Monday, April 1, 2013

Project 333, Life Happens and One month vegan

Today is a big day for me!!!!

It marks 2 months of Life Happens being on sale... thru Amazon, Barnes&Nobles and thru iUniverse my publisher...
It has been an amazing 2 months... I got my Facebook page , my website... new "friends" and new "like".... and I feel this is just the beginning of a great adventure!!!   I have received  nice testimonies from my readers and it just make me feel very lucky to be able to help people this way!!!

It also marks my first month being vegan!
and it is really easy.... surprisingly.... when I tried it last year it was much more difficult.... I guess I was not ready for it yet...  This time around I am not having a hard time except for a few days at the beginning but now I am fine... I guess it also helps that I am surrounded by other vegan thru Facebook and Twitter...  I get encouragement and answers to my questions.... 
I am pretty sure that I will stay vegan after my 3 months challenge this time and not go back! We'll see...  more on that later!

Today also mark a new season of my friend Courtney's Project 333 which I decided to hop on for yet another season....  my 3rd!!! (that is a lot of 3s....)
My list of items for this season beginning today and ending June 30th is:

1)Wide leg jeans
2) Skinny jeans
3) Jeans with flower patch
4) Red pants
5) Navy pants
6) Black pants straight leg
7) Flower skirt
8) Black dress
9) Navy and beige dress
10) Corduroy jacket
11) Brown jacket
12) Grey vest
13) Beige knitted sweater
14) Grey shawl with sleeves
15) Om t-shirt
16) Recycle t-shirt
17) Stripe navy 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
18) Stripe olive 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
19) Long sleeve t-shirt beige
20) 3/4 sleeve t-shirt grey
21) long sleeve t-shirt grey
22) fuchsia cami
23) grey cami
24) white t-shirt
25) red t-shirt
26) long sleeve stripe shirt (white and blue)
27) jean shirt
28) chic, black long sleeve top

now these items will remain in my wardrobe for the month of April....  living in Montreal, it is unrealistic to have one wardrobe from now to the end of June... most likely by beginning or mid-May, I will need to adjust furthermore...  I do have 5 spots left... and I may retire the items in green to replace them with more weather appropriate items when the time comes... but I will keep you updated...
I realized that I almost no longer wear jewelry... aside from what relates me to my yoga practice....  It will soon be time to think about whether or not I include jewelry into my list....  I already no longer own many of them... I have my "yoga" jewelry and what was given to me by my mom, husband and son...  really not that much...  I will have to look deeper into that...  I will also have to look into including outer wear and shoes/boots....  that too is now very limited... I am always reticent to include these in my list as it will restrict the number of items for the other stuff but I know I am getting there.... slowly...  but surely!  And honestly, each step becomes easier... and make me feel lighter!!! And I still feel stylish....  maybe even more so... as I need to use my creativity to dress up each morning and not look exactly the same as the previous day!

what are you doing with your spring wardrobe???  Do you have many items in it? Do you think you can still be stylish with less items?

On that note, Happy Spring!!!

love and peace,

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