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Friday, April 26, 2013

My list of clothes for summer

As I mentioned not too long ago, I was kind of done counting the number of items in my wardrobe...  Now some concerns were expressed by my friends and nice readers of this blog that I may be going back the "wrong" way....  by not making a list, they were afraid I was going back to my old habit of having too much clothes... but I am not!  Yes between May 1st and Sept 30th I do have more than 33 items...  for several reasons...

1) where I live, weather is very changing in those months... we can have very hot and humid tropical climate one day... and quite mild another day requiring pants and/or a small jacket.... 
2) I will be working part time, have long week ends and holidays ... all that requires different clothing...
3) because I use public transit and work in air conditioned environment, I may have to change between commute and work... and for my walk at lunch time!

but because such nice and genuine concerns were expressed, I am making the list again...  there is more than 33 items on the list but I want you guys to see that I am not loosing control...  and am not planning too!
Obviously some items, identified in Green  will be there for the beginning of the period starting May 1st (maybe a few weeks) and the ending of the period ( last few weeks of September) but will not be worn in between that...  but I will not put them away...

1)Wide leg jeans
2) Skinny jeans
3) Jeans with flower patch
4) Torn up jeans (for week end and Holiday's only!)
5) Red pants
6) Beige khaki pants (for work only)
7) White denim pants
8) Black pants (fancier - for going out)
9) pair of jean shorts ( for commute on very hot days, week ends and holidays)
10) pair of jean shorts ( for commute on very hot days, week ends and holidays)
11) Flower skirt
12) Beige skirt
13) Fuchsia skirt
14) Navy and beige dress
15) Flower sexy dress
16) fuchsia and beige flowy cami (for week end and holidays only)
17) fuchsia, orange and grey flowy cami (for week end and holidays only)
18) Om t-shirt
19) Recycle t-shirt
20) Stripe navy 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
21) Stripe olive 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
22) Olive 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
23) white t-shirt
24) Beige with pink and orange drawing 3/4 sleeve t-shirt (for week end and holidays only)
25) Flower cami (to be worn at work with a vest for eg)
26) fuchsia cami
27) beige cami
28) white t-shirt
29) red t-shirt
30) long sleeves stripe shirt (white and blue)
31) long sleeves stripe shirt (white and blue)
32) jean shirt
33) fancy navy polka dot shirt
34) Grey vest (mostly for air conditioning condition)
35) Navy cotton vest ( mostly for air conditioning conditions)
36) Black cotton vest ( mostly for air conditioning conditions)
37) short sleeve grey vest (to over over camis at work or when cooler in the morning)
38) short sleeve green vest (to over over camis at work or when cooler in the morning)
So all in all it is not too bad... see we have nothing to worry about...  Pretty much under control!  And quite frankly, the items in purple, not sure they are staying... they may be rehabilitated comes end of September only..  I'll have to look into it!!!

If you look at the list carefully, you'll see that items 1) to 10) are quite neutral and go with all my tops.. so I can create LOTS of diversity!!!
My skirts, are not so neutral but they go with many items as well...  (items 11 -13)

So by creating flexibility of use and colors, I can get away for 5 months in pretty much all situations with 38 items!!!

Has any of you prep their summer wardrobe?  are you clothes exactly what you like them to be???  Do they fit you well?  Do they suit your lifestyle?  Do they speak for you???

Question for you guys:  Would you be interested in me posting actual pictures of my outfits?  Or possible outfits showing you the flexibility in my wardrobe?