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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why do we do what we do day after day???

I came across  the organic sister a few days ago...  and she got me thinking... even more....

She seems like an amazing women and I highly encourage you to go visit her website here.

She's this young woman who already realize most of the stuff I just figured out!!!  She's lucky...

I am following her free ecourse that you can subscribe too.... I am only at part 1 and I have this document to read.... only a few pages down and my hamsters is running.... 

She got me thinking about flight or fight response...  and one of my yoga teacher had already discussed that with us but a reminder is always nice...

Flight or fight response is a biological response your body go into in case of stress...  normally life threatening stress...  type of like a tiger is running after me.... or I am about to jump off a cliff...  unfortunately, our bodies do not make a difference between a tiger running after you and rush hour...  or work related deadline!  Therefore, our bodies are constantly in flight or fight response...  unless you learn to manage stress and put things in perspective!!!  The worst part of flight or fight response it that is shuts down your digestion process and sleep...  this is why highly stressed people have digestion and sleep problems...  which in the long run can lead to obesity, depression, diabetes, aggressivity, heart diseases and so on...

Don't you see it????  Where I am going with this????

Our society has more people suffering from obesity, diabetes, depression (1 out of 3) and heart diseases than ever before!!!  Don't you realize that many of us are more aggressive?  and not always for obvious reasons!!!

Isn't it time that we start asking ourselves the right questions...

why do we do what we do day after day???

why do I keep doing a job I am not happy with?
why do I want this big house?
why the luxury car?
why expensive jewelry?
why eating out 50% of the time? (yes this is a trusestatistic in America)
why having a walk in closet when I can really wear so many clothes at a time?
why do I NEED  this vacation so badly?
why do I keep "this" person in my life?
why.....? (you complete the sentence that fits your life)


what am I running from?
what am I running for?
what do I get from all of this? (aside from heart burns, sleep deprivation and a bunch of stuff)
what's in it for me?
what could I do differently to be happier?
what do I really want to do with my life?
what if...?

and then, when you start asking the real questions... the real answers will eventually come!

and by real answers, I do not mean the first thing that comes to your mind (for eg, I want this big house because it will show people I am successful) but the REAL answer...  buried deep deep down below layers of family and society's expectations!

In order to do that, I usually suggest my student to use "why" repeatedly to each answer they get until they get to the root of the problem...basically like a 3 years old does.... to every answer you give them they ask WHY?  you do that... being honest with yourself... and you'll see where it leads you!

but don't be fool... this is not something that you can do over breakfast.... or a TV show... it needs reflexion...  calm, silent reflexion... with and by yourself only! It may take time...  and I am not talking hours...  it may take days, weeks or even months depending on the energy you put into it!  But that OK!  You have all your life to figure it out!!!  The sooner the better off you'll be but all comes to those who wait (actively of course)

Once you get to they real answers, you get to know yourself... and from there you can figure the rest out!

Once you know why you do what you do day after day, you can actually decide if it is convenient for you or not...  if it is good... then you should not be stress and not be handling flight or fight response constantly...

However, if it isn't (convenient), you may have to make changes... and THAT is not easy...  changes are not easy to deal with.... but when you plan for them and take them one small step at a time, it gets easier!

But do you really want to stay in flight or fight response all your life???

love and peace,


  1. Beautiful text! I loved it :) And i will try it every day now. Thank you!

    1. thanks for reading it and taking the time to respond... I really appreciate it!!!
      and good luck... this process has great surprises coming up for you!!! don't be afraid!!!