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Monday, March 18, 2013

What minimalism really is all about!

What is minimalism really about???

I have joined the movement, a few years ago, because, at first, I thought it would be cool to have less stuff...  to be different... to take less time cleaning... and quite frankly because the anti capitalist in me really liked the idea of not making rich people even richer!!!  And the environmentalist in me saw an opportunity to decrease her carbon foot print!!!

Now did it do all that for me?


It is cool to be different!
It is cool to have less stuff!!!
Cleaning takes a much LESS time every week...
I have decreased my footprint as I almost do not buy anything anymore...
The anti capitalist in me really is happy too!!!  It is my own little revolution against the "rich" guys!

Now, did it do more than that???

Hell yeah!!!  A lot more!!!!

I did not realize that cleaning less meant having more time to do other stuff!!!  Stuff I actually enjoy like spending time with my husband and son, reading, doing yoga, cooking, writing...

It changed the way I see life... my priorities are no longer on "stuff" but rather on people...  I have more time to spend with them... write for them...

I am able to choose the work I want to do and love to do because I no longer need that much money to afford a car, a house, trips, all those clothes, new expensive appliances, new furniture,  all those Cd's and DVD's... I can choose a few selected items and they make me really happy and actually represent who I am... not who society wants me to be!

It changed the way I eat...  I simplified that too....  I now love cooking... but cooking 4 hours a day does not work for me!  I have to come up with nutritious and quick recipes...  I am now vegan!!!  So much simpler than you might think!!!

I have more free time...  minimalism even affected my social life...  I selected who I kept in my life or not...  Even people need to be let go of sometimes.... we can't hang on to every one we knew at one point in our life.. it's great to keep in touch but you can't have close relationship with everyone...  it is just not possible at the expense of nothing else!

I am more creative...  my writing, my decorating, my style (clothes) and my art come more easily...  it is easier to be creative when your mind is not occupied with a so busy calendar and tasks and people... 

It created space in my home... my heart and my mind... space is good... it allows NEW things to happen!!!

It made me meet a lot of amazing people!!!  People that I can relate too...

It allowed me to write "Life Happens"

It created space to:

find who I am
figure out what I truly want
be free
be happy
be peaceful

Minimalism if something I am really grateful for!!!

love and peace,

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  1. I totally understand what you mean - minimalism is one of the best things that ever happened to me!