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Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday's savvy project

I moved a little over a month ago.... it was the 7th time since I was 23 and moved out of my parents house...  I move for many reasons in my life...  and most times, except for last June and this one, it meant spending tons of $$$  on painting, new furniture, new curtains and the like... Now since I simplified my life and I am working to resolving this last small debt, spending money where I can save some is not an option!!!

Therefore, this was my least expensive move ever.... as I downsized, I did not need to buy anything new...  except for appliances - but I got the really basic ones and I kept an older fridge that was still in working condition. I got the curtains fixed to fit my actual windows...  I only need to get something for the living room eventually.... nothing I had could work out!

As for coffee tables, in my new living room I wanted to have one on each side of the couch...  and I only had one... as I REALLY did not wanted to buy anything - I am short on cash lately - I took an old one from my parents house they no longer needed...  which works out just fine.  We now have to coffee table one hand made from my husband family and one handmade from my family...  this is cool!!

Obviously, they did not match in color or model.... here's what they looked like:

and they were adding even more wood tones to my place..  I already have a great piece of furniture, a wedding gift, made of wood (you can see some of it in the back of the above picture) and the floor are hard wood in yet not the exact same color....  so there was like for different types of woods....  2 is enough usually... as most designer say. 

I ended up painting the 2 tables in a color that matched other stuff in my living room and my couch wonderfully!
I had to sand, clean, allow to dry and put 2 layer of paint on those 2 tables....  all in all, without the waiting drying time, it took me roughly 2.5h.... and cost me 15$ of painting - already had the sanding paper and the brush to paint!

So for 15$ I got 2 "new" coffee tables that match each other in color, take out some of the "wood" in my living room and are a lovely addition to my living room... 

Look at the final result (they are still on newspaper as they are not quite dry yet!):

This was easy to make...  you could put any color....  add tapestry... make a design...depending on your budget, your living area and your imagination!!!

It goes to show than on TV you can get amazing ideas...  and there are ways to give a second life to older furniture that do not match!!!  Of course the shape still do not match... but the fact that they are at opposite side of the couch and of the same color evens out the look just enough!!!

I get inspiration lately from a TV show I watch in French called:  Sauvez les meubles. Vanessa, likes to take existing furniture, modify it and give a new life to it!!!  I was always the type to do this...  but she's given me even more ideas...    I have another project I am working on to complement my kitchen...  once it is done, I will let you know about it!!!

have you ever reworked furniture to give it  a new life?  would you like to send me "before" and "after" pictures (along with cost and time details) so that I can include them in a post?

love and peace,

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