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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Minimalism dressing

I love jeans!!!  and casual dressing....  I need to be comfortable to some extent... and I am not talking about wearing pyjamas or yoga pants comfortable but rather about feeling like me comfortable!! 
I do not like to dress for what people expect me to look like... or to follow a dress code!!!

I have nice, clean clothes that fit me well and make me feel good about myself and that do not feel like I am playing a role!!! They can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.... but having a "work" wardrobe does not work for me!!!  Some people say I should because of the position I have  but I just can't do it!!!  I tried.... but it does not work out!!!

On several occasion I tried dressing up a little more to be more like my age or like my job but I feel awkward and I am not taken seriously... I guess people feel, whether they realize it or not, the "fake" me when I dress up...

Last august, I spent $$$ on getting a new wardrobe for a new job.. and then I entered project 333 !
This, to me, who use to be a shopaholic and a very trendy woman was really hard!!!!  But I managed to cut down my number of clothes to 33 by the beginning on November which is when I officially joined the project and blogged about it here. I twisted the rules a little but I still made a lot of progress... and on the course of my project 333 from November 2012 to now, I realize that most of the clothes that were bought for this new job are now no longer there... it was a painful experience in a way.. to see all those $ thrown out the window... but it made me realize how I like to dress.. what my style truly is...  when you have to decrease you number of items to 33, you really need to keep the ones that suit you the best - both physically and mentally!  And they have to reflect you lifestyle or else you end up having nothing to wear!

So over the course of those almost 5 months now, I amended my list... keeping you guys posted on my progress...  and the last list I submitted to you still need to be amended...  I am not sure I still have 33 items or less.. but once I get down to that list we'll find out!!!  So this is me being REALLY honest!!!

In my wardrobe for the little time of winter we have left, I have:

2 black pants - one straight, one flare
1 red Cotton skinny pants
1 navy spotted skinny pants
3 jeans - one skinny, one torn straight leg and one flare
1 velvet burgundy skirt
1 black dress with mustard flowy sleeves - not sure this is staying - I love it but I never wear it!!!  so technically I should not keep it right?
1 purple dress (with fuchsia and grey imprints)
1 sleeveless top grey
4 fancy t-shirts (beige, red, grey/navy/mustard, old pink)
1 electric blue short sleeve blouse
5 long sleeve t-shirt (2 beige, 1 black, 1 gray, 1 electric blue)
1 green long sleeve fancy top
1 pink and purple blouse
1 jean blouse
1 striped white and blue blouse
2 jackets (corduroy- beige, brown)
2 cardigans (grey, mustard)

so here we go....if I do the math it all adds up to: 30 items!!  so I am still OK!!!

however, the point I want to make here is that I am not sure I will still count the items per say....  All I know is that from now on, the rule pretty much is one in one out!  SO if I buy something new, something else gotta give!!!  This will ensure my wardrobe will never be cluttered again! 

I do realise that spring, here in Montreal is a weird season, so for a little while starting around April, I may have 2 wardrobe combined...  for 2 different seasons... slowly retiring some item as the temperature rises and and adding some for warmer climate!!

What I get out of project 333 is this:

1) You do not need that many pieces of clothes to look good!!! How many pieces of clothing can you wear on one single day anyway?  And if you have to much, some stuff does not get to be wear and therefore is not moving and actually becomes stagnant... who wants that???
2) Quality and good fit makes you feel good!!!!
3) Your clothes should reflect who you are - not what you do or what people want you to be!
4) You should have clothes you LOVE only!!  therefore it's always pleasant to dress in the morning
5) Having black pants and jeans works for me because all my tops can work out with those so I have lots of flexibility!
6) I am not a dress or skirt person in the winter - summer is different

so there you go...  my minimalist wardrobe is a charm!!!  I never thought I would say that!!! 

But people change actually evolve... I still like to look and feel good... I just do it more reasonably, without harming the planet as much and without holding on to that no longer suits me!!!  I share!

what do you think?  Are you a shopaholic?  A minimalist dresser? Do you have piece of clothing you haven't worn in a few weeks? months? or year?  why do you hold on to them?  what do you hold on to I should say...

love and peace,


  1. Jusr recently my wife and I have started towards this minimalistic lifestyle. We have slowly started to get rid of things and I am predicting that the hardest part for her will be the clothes. Any tips for how I can help her?

    1. Hi Chris!
      my husband and I started 5 years ago... it is a long process... and my clothes were actually the very last part where I did an actual effort... for years I was getting rid of stuff to make room to buy more.. that is not the goal of the exercise...
      I am not going to lie to you... it will probably be very difficult for your wife but I do have a few tips...
      1) get rid of everything that no longer fits - too small or too big - there is no point in keeping them!!! If ever she fints in them again she deserve new ones!
      2) get rid of clothes that were bought more than a month ago and still have the price tag (unless they were bought for a specific occasion that did not happen yet like a wedding for ex)
      3)put all the items not wore in the past year in a box and tape it close. Put the box away where she can't see it. If she doesn't go to the box because she really needs an item in it within 3 months bring the box to a donation center without reopening it - seeing some items might bring you back to square one!
      4)donate all the orphan items (items that do not match with anything) right away
      5) have her invite her more honest friend and try all her clothes - anything that does not suit her according to that friend goes (the friend could actually be you depending on your fashion sense and abililty to be honest with her - my husband did it for me!)
      6) get rid of anything that does not suit her present style or lifestyle - this may actually be more difficult because we actually find resons or excuses to keep the item
      7) depending on her willingness...and the amount of clothes she currently own, suggest that she select her 40 or 60 (or whatever the number)favorite items for the season to come and box all the rest. Put the box away. If at the end of the season she did not go back to the box, do not reopen it and bring it to a donation center.

      Now you can choose any of those tips... I personally used them all.. pretty much in that order over the course of 2 years.... yes it was LONG... but well worth it!

      But do not force it agains her will... if it does not come from her, she will most likely fall back intro old pattern...

      You can also be the example by purging your wardrobe - or maybe you do not really need to... for example my husband could have dress on a single day probably 15 of his friends... I felt like I needed more clothes than him being a woman... so it did not help...

      Let me know if you need more... I am sure I can come up with something!!!

      let me know how it goes!