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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Move is officially over!

                            Living room with my baby pink rocking chair (painted by me)and chakra banner

This is the result of my move!!!  My favorite corner in the apartment!!!

The move went well... even thus my husband had just got back from work as he works graveyard shift... and did not sleep for more then 24hours!!!
We loaded everything in a 17 cu ft Uhaul and moved 3.7 miles away...  loading and unloading roughly took 3.5hours!  with a little break... and 3 pairs of extra arms!!!
My easiest move ever!!!
Having much less stuff really does help!!! I remember the time I move from my house to my apartment, it took roughly 5h loading the truck!!!! And there was my husband and I and 5 pairs of extra arms!!!  Can you imagine all the useless stuff we just moved around?
Unloading mostly everything in the living room right by the main entrance surely did save a lot of dirty snow from invading my place!!! It was a very cold day and there had been a light snow the night before...

This all happened on Friday...  and I took the rest of the week end to put everything away... and to be quite honest I even finished my last 2 boxes Monday night!

The actual moving day without a car was not a problem....  however, I did realize that the logistic of the few days after a move without a car, especially without a oven, was somewhat cumbersome!!!  Just going for breakfast and coffee Saturday morning took us 2.5 hours!!!  45 min each way... and 1h sitting down by the fire place at Starbucks...  surely was a great break...  but took time away from unpacking!!!  Same goes for supper on Saturday and lunch on Sunday...  but it was all well worth it!!!

I am now living in a smoke free, noise free, clean apartment...  and I sleep much much better!!!! Quality air and sleep to me is essential!!!!  And I HATE noise!!! Even my cat is more relaxed!  The energy in our previous place was really bad and I had to get out of there!!!

In 3 night I have caught up all my sleep deprivation... and I am back to waking up naturally in the morning 10 minutes before 5 am...  right on time to do my meditation and yoga!!!!

It feels so much better!!!

Now once I get my new hot water tank it will be the perfect place!!!
Taking a 2 minutes shower because I run out of hot water surely is great for the environment... but once in a while I enjoy a 5 minutes shower!!!

Have you moved lately - how did it go?  Are you planning a move - declutter before - useless to move stuff you will not keep after the move? Or are you dreading having to move - perhaps because you have LOTS of stuff?

love and peace,


  1. Hi Nathalie! I just got your book today and already read it (while my son was in judo class...)!
    It's amazing how you turned your life around. You are truly inspirational. I loved the book!
    I'm gonna write a review for amazon!