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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am so happy that "Life Happens" is now out...

Writing this book has been a 9 month process... yes.... just like a pregnancy!!! 

It has been a roller coaster of emotion since I started writing it.... going to that part of my life again was not easy...  but worthwhile....  got to know myself even better!!!

A roller coaster of emotion going thou the submission process and all the different stages... 

And I assumed that once it would be out... the roller coaster would stop!  But is has not... and that's OK!!! 

I am happy to share that the book is now not only available thou iUnivere but also on Amazon and Amazon Canada as well as Chapters Indigo.

I am also happy to share that I got a few comments back from my first readers... and it feels amazing to see the impact I might have on people!!!  Really so glad I can help!!!

This was the only purpose of this book.... to show that there is always hope... that everything is possible!!!  That you HAVE to look for solutions as long as you did not find what suits you...  do not settle for less than what you truly desire!!!

hope you enjoy it!

love and peace,

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