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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A few more hours!

This is gonna be a really short post!!!!

There's  few more hours left before my challenge to be a 100% vegan starts...

How will I spend them???? 

eating all the cheese I can? 
having all the gummy bears I can eat?
get down 10 milk chocolate bars?

No, NO and NO....

To me this is already over....  I have been careful all week to prepare myself.... to get ready.... 

I meditated....  imagining all that nice vegan food I want to eat....  seeing myself be even healthier...  and more energized... looking at motivational articles and books that discusses why go vegan?  why let go of cheese?  and eggs?

I am ready....

I even have a few friends who will join me with their own challenges over the next 3 months....

We'll do this together!!!  And support one another!

And remember that after 21 days, a new habit is created.... or an old one can be abandoned... so really if we all stick to our resolution for 21 days...  it's a done deal!!!!!

Anyone else interested in joining with their own challenge?  You do not have to specifically say what it is....  just identify yourself if you wish too!!!
Or you can also find me on Facebook or Twitter using the link below if you prefer!

love and peace,

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