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Monday, January 14, 2013

What is going on

I have this urge to write but I have not specific subject in mind...  I do know that writing is very soothing to me... and as my Vata nature is quite active recently, perhaps writing will somehow tone it down!

I have lots going on.. nothing really major but lots of thing in my mind.... and lists for many things to come...

To give you an idea... 

As you may know I am moving soon....  it will be the first time I move after going car less.  At first I did not think it would make things any different but it does!  I have moved a lot over the last years (and I hope I can settle at this place!).  I am not the type to pack up everything in boxes and put in a truck and go... I usually spend the week before doing a few car trips for stuff I'd rather transport my self in order to make sure the are not broken during the move.  Unfortunately, this will not be an option this time as I do not see myself doing several bus trip with fragile stuff.... or rent a car so often!  So I will have to pack more diligently my stuff!
Yes I did hear of bubble wrap - but it is plastic... and I'd rather stay away from it!  So I am left with "silk" paper used to gift wrap... I have quite a few of those as I refuse to throw them out... my mom also gave me some... I did use some of those! I can also use Scott towel... but then I feel like I am wasting paper...  but then again it is always useful once you get to the new place and you are looking thou boxes to find clothes to wash stuff!  I started putting some frames in between blankets and towels...  this should work out! 
I should be doing more packing this week...
Packing also gives me an opportunity to do another round of all my stuff and see what's a keeper or not!
This move will be my most environmentally friendly yet!!!  Smaller truck, less car trips...  not buying any furniture but rather figuring out ways to use what I have in a different manner if need be!

I have to finalize plans for spring break for my son... it is coming rather quickly...

Need to find someone to sublet my place!

My friend Yasmin is launching her new Yoga DVD series soon - can't wait for that to go and see her!!!

I am working really hard on my finances to streamline them... I have big projects coming up (more on that when the time comes) and I need to be in good financial shape to attack them!

I am also working on the final draft of my book which is due to be out somewhere between end of February and mid-March!

All this is keeping me really busy... and my mind too...  It's a good thing I have my yoga and meditation practice if not I could go insane!!!

What do you do to keep yourself calm in time of business?

love and peace,

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