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Friday, January 25, 2013

On being a published author

Hello everyone!!!

I am happy to announce that my book, Life Happens,  is now available for buying thru iUniverse at the following link:

I am really exited about this!!!
It has been a great experience!!!
A challenging one.... but one with which I got to know myself even better...

I had never wrote a book before...  but my husband insisted that I try and do this... and he was right!
I did it!!!

And now people can buy it... hopefully.... and read it... 

which is a little freaky!!!  I was do busy writing and then working on the publishing of it, with all that it entails, that I forgot to get ready for that aspect...

I wrote it for people to read it of course....  but I did not realize that people I knew and saw everyday might want to read it!!!

This book is an autobiography... about my experience with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and it is not always fun or pretty... obviously it end well as I am fine today...  but I went thru very difficult and challenging times for many years and these are mentioned in there. 

And most stuff not many people know.... even in my close surrounding!  Now they will!  Which is what worries me!

I tried for many years to "forget" that part of my life and by writing this book I am doing the exact opposite!  Which is OK... I will deal with it...

The desire to write it was greater than the fear I have today...  because the purpose of the book is really to help people that are having a hard time...  I wish to share my discovery and hopefully help and inspire them to look for their own solutions!  This book is a message of hope!!! No matter what you are going thru there is hope! You just need to find that ray of light... like I did... in order to start searching for solutions!

love and peace,

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