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Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving - again

Well...  point #2 on my previous list has already been checked off!!!

Lass week I was actively looking for a place to live as where I am now is not working out at all!!!
I won't go into details here but our mental and physical health were at sake so I needed to urgently find something...

Last week I was also going back to work after the holidays.... so in the morning before work I would surf the web, send emails to make appointment...  lunch time would be dedicated to confirming or not appointment... asking question or getting answer to the questions I had been asking in regard on an apartment.  After work I would meet my husband some place and we would visit apartments.

It  seemed like a long week but finally on Friday we came to an agreement with the owner of a duplex in an area we like.

Here's a list of criteria we had and were met by this apartment:

Top floor
Washer and dryer installation
Duplex building
Old construction for the building itself
Within our price range
2 Closed bedroom each with a window
Accept cats
Close to public transit
Room to store our bicycles during winter
Non smoking apartment
No carpet

Here's a list of criteria that are not met:

Closer to my son school - but we are not further either...  same time to commute
Big terrace outside to enjoy summer - planned by owner to be done in 2014!
Includes appliances - will need to buy my own

Here's a list of criteria that exceed our expectation:

Newly renovated kitchen
Newly renovated bathroom
Hard wood and ceramic floors
Clothes line
Access to backyard to make compost and a garden
Freshly painted white all over so I have nothing to do when I move in!

So all in all...  this is like hitting Jackpot!!! 
Honestly I did not think I could find something like that in that price range so I am really exited...
Plus owner is really nice... 

So now I have to plan my move...  change addresses, reserve a moving truck, make boxes (not that there is so many - but still need to be done!)... decrease my food supply so that I do not have too much food to move...

But I have been moving so much over the last 5 years that this is not complicated at all anymore!!!

Honestly both my husband and I REALLY hope that we can settle down there for a few years...  to catch our breath and concentrate on other projects we have!

All those move have allow us to narrow down what we like or not and be more strict with our choices....  thus allowing us to find a very nice place to live! It also has allow us to further decrease our number of possession.... each move we seriously consider everything we pack or not... every furniture we bring or not... making it easier each time... 

This time we do have more storage but the place is even smaller in square footage but designed differently... so we will be able to keep everything - and I think I am pretty much at a minimum now anyway for a family of 3 anyway.  All in all it would look more aerated... 

I will be moving in 25 days and will let you know how it goes moving during winter!!  That I never did yet!

What is your take on moving?  Do you enjoy it?  Do you do it a lot or not?

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