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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More on project 333 - dress with less

on November 28th I updated you guys on my Project 333 ...  as you know after several hesitation I joined it last November...  and I thought I had given it a good thought and that my 33 items would remain all the 3 months...  However, I realise that I am still changing.  I know we are always changing but the changes I am going thru are "forcing" me to adapt my wardrobe furthermore.   So on November 28th I had made correction to my initial list... and I still had to make more corrections... (last edits are in red)

Here's my list:

2 black pants - one straight, one flare
2 1 velvet pants - one skinny, one wide legs - skinny ones I wore once in a year... not worth it as it turns out, my husband HATES those pants... always did! he says I look like a granny in it!!!  So I am giving those away!
1 grey corduroy - jean cut - had already been sized down... cannot do it again...
1 red Cotton skinny pants
3 2 jeans - one skinny, one straight leg - bought another pair of jeans...  really LOVE wearing jeans... but they fit me perfectly and are GOOD quality!
1 black skirt
*1 black/electric blue/white skirt do not wear it!!!  It's NOT me!!!!
1 burgundy pencil skirt - loved it but does not suit my lifestyle anymore - someone can get a good use out of this one
1 tunic - wore once with the velvet skinnies... why keep it?
1 black dress with mustard flowy sleeves
2 sleeveless top (grey, mustard)
3 fancy t-shirts (beige, red, grey/navy/mustard)
1 electric blue short sleeve blouse
4 long sleeve t-shirt (2 beige, 1 black, 1 gray)
1 black long sleeve fancy top
1 green long sleeve fancy top
1 white blouse - no longer "white" enough and too short!
1 pink and purple blouse
3 2 jackets (corduroy- beige, brown, black) - just put away for the season, won't be wearing it under a winter coat
2 cardigans (grey, mustard)
1 electric blue turtleneck
1 LBD - a must very simple and very me!!!
1 purple dress (with fuchsia and grey imprints)
1 navy dress (with mustard yellow and beige polka dots)
1 velvet burgundy skirt - b-day gift from husband - more flowy then previous burgundy skirt
1 old pink fancy t-shirt

so basically I am now up to 29 items...  and this is WAY more then enough!  I have a great rotation of items.... 

I also want to add that I had initially decided to leave out the outside clothing because I thought that living in the north country that would already be too many items...  and I had also left out accessories...  If I was to include these I would be way above 33 items... but I have downsized those too.  Look at what I gave or put away because I am not ready to give or depart from:

One winter coat - gave away - tired of seeing it - it has been 8 years!!!
2 pair of not warm enough boots for someone taking the bus - replaces by Sorel boots
Some jewelry that was hand me down form my mom but that I never wear were carefully put away in nice tissue bags and I will see with time what I do with them - at least I am not cluttering my jewelry box anymore
One corduroy hat that was great with my long hair but not so much with short hair

I also have to take a look at my socks, underwear and scarves, mits and hats... this I might do during my Holiday break.

So as you can see this is a "live" project... I never seem to be done with it...  I am glad I am below the 33 items and happy with it...  I also thought that I would do 3 months (just as an experiment) and that would be it but I think I will stay with the idea of this project...  I will most likely keep my initial rules...  but that's OK! It's a reminder not to get my closet cluttered again!  And honestly it would not be difficult because I love clothes... but I can still love them but be wiser about it!  I love candies too but do I buy and eat all of them???

love and peace,

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