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Monday, November 19, 2012

Turning 40

I am turning 40 TODAY!

Now last year when I turned 39 I said that it was the last birthday I would celebrate... that no one was to wish me Happy Birthday when I would turn 40!!!  but stuff happened in between...  and honestly I am in a great place in my life.... I am happy to turn 40 now!!!

1) I have a lovely husband. We're been together for 10 years and we're clearly heading in the same direction
2) I have a lovely son! 12 years old is an amazing age... as any other age as a matter of fact... but I find he's growing into a fine young teenager...
3) My health is great - even thus 9 years ago I may have assumed the worse with the diagnosis I was faced with
4) I live the way I wanted to live - a minimalist life... in a small apartment, no car, no cluttering... 
5) I am vegetarian
6) I have great people around me
7) I just submitted my first book to be published.  One of my goal in life was to help people... this book will do just that...

Honestly I do not care so much for big accomplishment... and what other's think... but I needed to do all the changes I made over the last 5 years.... and to write this book.... I needed to do it for ME! It was very therapeutic for me...  It helped me move to another place in my life... helped me realize what is important in my current life and put aside was is not so much anymore.... as well as  be grateful for everything that happened to me... good or bad as this actually made me who I am today!

Every birthday I like to look over my shoulder and see how much further I made it in my life... not just in a matter of time...  after all it is always 365 days...  but in terms of where I stood, where I am... and where I wish to be...  and this year especially is a big step further!!!

I like to set my resolutions or goals at my birthday... not the new year...  this is how I am...

Now last year was writing my book... and I must admit it was not easy.. a roller coaster of emotions...  going over all those years where I was sick brought back much stuff...  but it helped me healed further...  Objective has been reached as I submitted it on November 11th to my publisher!

Now this year is actually launching the book... and selling it.... 

This year will be an amazing one I can feel it!!!
I deserve it!!!
and I will make it happen!!!

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