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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello from Vancouver

Hi everyone...  I am in Vancouver writing this post... 

I left Montreal Sunday night and will be returning on Thursday... I can't wait...  This trip is for business...  not leisure...  and it was not something I was looking for... but as I always try to look at the bright side of things, I decided to take those few days out here to actually finish my book...  and I really think it's gonna happen... but I will get back to that once I return and let you know how it turned out. 

Vancouver Lion's gate bridge
I know most people say Vancouver is a really nice place...  and it seems really nice...  but I really do not feel like I want to venture into town...  I will spend most of my free time in my hotel room working on my book and this is just fine! I have this big project I am working on and this, to me, is more important than walking around Vancouver...  I will have other chances to do tat... hopefully with my husband! I will keep a few hours on Wednesday night to go out and walk around a little and perhaps try the sky train.

Being here made me realize a few things...  that I want to share with you guys...

1) I remember why I decided not to fly anymore years ago...  unfortunately, when I signed up for this job they forgot to tell me that I would have to go to Vancouver once... in which case I would not have taken the job but I would have missed out on a great opportunity... working for this amazing women...  and with a great team to develop soft skills (so in a way I am glad they forgot to mention it)!   So about the not flying thing, it messes up my chakras...  being so high in the air and going at such a fast speed really is not good for them!   It causes big time dehydration...  the energy in the place is really bad...  and I just really do not care much for it and do not see the point!!!  If we would have been made to withstand those conditions, we would have wings... like birds!

2) About my cie forgetting to tell me about this trip...  well everything happens for a reason... would they have not forgotten to tell, I would not have taken the job...  and developing soft skills is really in tune with my one's a Buddhist yoga teacher...  she "gets" me...  and she is making me move forward with my career as well as my spiritual life...  this is just perfect and quite honestly, I needed someone like that cause I was kind of stuck in my spiritual development not knowing how I could move it further... 

3) Being vegetarian is still not the norm!  I have been for 5 years and people around me know it and do not react to it all the time anymore... but when I am asked to go to a business dinner and asked if I have allergies or restriction to my diet and I mention that I am vegetarian I get the usual surprise look... and the habitual questions...  but do you eat fish?  is chicken OK? can you have pasta?  what exactly do you eat?  so it makes me smile... I no longer get upset by those questions... and i am happy to instruct people about vegetarianism and why I am doing that...  it's become a passion!!!

4) I am not like most people...  on top of having a plant based diet, I have many other differences with most people that when I am with my close friend of my husband I do not realize... because we talk about the same things...  I do not have a house or a car...  so anything that has to do with those 2 subject is pretty much out...  I do not do house repairs or renovations...  I do not need to pick up fallen leaves do my garden or mowed the lawn...  I do not change to winter tires... or bring my car to the garage... I do not watch much TV... so I basically have no idea what people are talking about when they discuss their TV shows...  unless they are talking about CSI... I do not shop more and I do not own much stuff...  especially nothing very expensive...  I do not have electronics or high tech stuff...
I do not listen to music very much...  unless it is for my yoga or to relax...  but it's not music you can hear on the radio...  and I do not watch the news...  especially not watch the news...  stopped doing that years ago!!!  Therefore, in a group setting, unless the discussion is about anything that has to do with vegetarian cooking, yoga, energy, health issues from a natural approach, public transit improvement, environment issues, walking or biking to places or minimalism I have got nothing to say...  I can listen...  it amuses me... I like people's compagny once in a while even thus I very much like my privacy! but I can't relate...  and I do not want to relate...  this would be going back to who I was...  I do not want to do that... I am happy with who I am...  and I don't care so much for not participating in conversation and mostly listening but some people find it odd!!! But unfortunately I cannot say something for the sake of saying something...  I am a minimalist... even when it comes to talking... I choose my words...

In summary, this escape into the "real world" made me realize that I am happy with my current life...  much more then I thought at first... that I do not want to go back... and that I do not want to pretend that I am someone I am not just to be part of a group...  people have to accept me for who I am... and I really think they do (most of them anyway)  Even thus I sometime get the feeling that I destabilize them, but that is actually good.  Every time I made a huge step forward in my life, it was because someone was there to kick me in the right place and destabilize me!!!

This trip, up to now, has been very enlightening and made me realize that the choices I made years or months ago are still valid for me...  it is very important to question yourself and sometimes you need "help" to provoke the questioning...

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way" Henry David Thoreau

love and peace from Vancouver,

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