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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Follow up on project 333 - simple dressing

I am now 1/3 done with my project 333...  lots has been happening since I started....  I did even more clean up of my wardrobe and changes a few pieces....  because I realized that some items were not "me" anymore...  I would either force myself to wear them or just not wear them...  and in a few occasions, they were not quite a proper fit for myself...  So I have put back my original list of 33 items.... and edited it....  I also listed the added items in a different color for ease of reading!

Here's my list:

2 black pants - one straight, one flare
2 1 velvet pants - one skinny, one wide legs - skinny ones I wore once in a year...  not worth it
1 grey corduroy - jean cut  - had already been sized down... cannot do it again...
1 red Cotton skinny pants
2 jeans - one skinny, one straight leg
1 black skirt
*1 black/electric blue/white skirt
1 burgundy pencil skirt  - loved it but does not suit my lifestyle anymore - someone can get a good use out of this one
1 tunic - wore once with the velvet skinnies... why keep it?
1 black dress with mustard flowy sleeves
2 sleeveless top (grey, mustard)
3 fancy t-shirts (beige, red, grey/navy/mustard)
1 electric blue short sleeve blouse
4 long sleeve t-shirt (2 beige, 1 black, 1 gray)
1 black long sleeve fancy top
1 green long sleeve fancy top
1 white blouse - no longer "white" enough and too short!
1 pink and purple blouse
3 2 jackets (corduroy- beige, brown, black) - just put away for the season, won't be wearing it under a winter coat
2 cardigans (grey, mustard)
1 electric blue turtleneck
so I was down to 27 items... 

* identifies the next item to go... if any... because I really do not wear this skirt so much... plus it needs dry cleaning... and it really only goes well with my electric blue blouse or turtleneck...  which I thinks look to much put together as an outfit... gotta think about this one! but I am still in the rules so I do not need to hurry up on my decision!
If you go to the Tristan website, and hit "au boulot signe Tristan" in the women collection you can find the skirt I am talking about (the girl is wearing it with an electric blue short sleeve blouse)... and on that very same page, the first top with the yellow front is my "black long sleeve fancy top" and the black dress with the mustard yellow sleeve is also there... 

I added 5 more items after getting rid of the above items:

1 LBD - a must very simple and very me!!!
1 purple dress (with fuchsia and grey imprints)
1 navy dress (with mustard yellow and beige polka dots)
1 velvet burgundy dress - b-day gift from husband - more flowy then previous burgundy dress
1 old pink fancy t-shirt

which bring my up to 32 items...  that I actually wear and feel great in....

I thought before starting Project 333 that I could not get to 33 items...  that it was not enough... well now I am down to 32.... and I actually really wear those items....  and sometimes quite frankly I still think this is too much...  I know!  Who would have taught I would say that!!!  The only thing is I really LOVE all my pieces left... and they suit me really well... and go absolutely fantastic with my lifestyle... and they mix and mathc so well!!!

Quite honestly I first thought I would do that for 3 months and that was it... I would then go back to my regular way of having too many items... the thing is, I know when next season comes up, I will keep doing it...  stick to 33 items...  or just around that!!!

Now the thing is, because I am in Montreal and winter here is really long, it is most likely that those 32 items will remain until end of Mars at least...if not April!  not end of January where my actual 3 months end... so I may not be able to follow exactly the 3 months schedule Courtney  follows but I still thing I can do this 33 items thing...

It is much easier then I anticipated...
very satisfying...
saves lots of time in the morning...
saves lots of $ not shopping...

what do you think?  will you be trying it eventually?  downsizing your wardrobe... perhaps with your own rules? 

love and peace,

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