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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Challenge of living with less... continue

Well... as I announced in my last post, I was gona try and do the Reverse 100 thing challenge ... so this week end I have been working on that!  and my huhsband too...  we really did put our place upside down to find 100 things...  we looked everywhere...  honestly!! But I am still short of 45 items..  I can only find 55... I think this has to do with the fact that I have been decluttering for years now... and I am getting to that comfortable zone where I really love and use and need what is left...  I could find 45 more items.. and then go shopping to relace them.. but that would defeat the purpose!  Plus I no longer like to shop...

So here's my list of items...  that I will give away...

Brown boots
Stipe navy pants - they are too big - I lost weight...
Stipe navy jacket
Beige pants - they are too short - I did not grow... just hemmed too short....and cannot be fixed!
Navy sweater - navy is just not my color!!!
Zip up kangourou vest - never wear
Green pants - to skinny - I am not a teenager anymore...
2 knives - no longer cut....  but I have been postponing getting rid of them
2 old cell phones - to recycle
wide legs jeans - too big - note to self: do not buy online!
wide legs velvet orange pant - too big - not planning on getting the weight again
2 car brushes for snow - no longer have a car!
car shovel - you get the idea!
grey cami
tea bad box - use loose leaf tea
over shoulder bad - no longer use
kids purse
2 yoga belts - no longer need them for my yoga practice
belt - my husband no longer uses it
strap form a bag I no longer have
sleeve for a hot drink paper cup - I have my own tumblers now
pair of mountain boots - my husband no longer uses them
pair of slippers
2 pairs of flip flops
2 necklaces - trying to keep only meaningful jewlery - not cheap bulk made stuff
6 pairs of earing - same reason
watch - I do not wear watches... stresse me out!
shooter glass - left over from a set - n o longer has a use... I do not drink alcohol anymore!
screwdrive - we have enough
6 pair of underwears - uncomfortable
earphone - no use
pillow - one too many!
2 pillowcases
2 pair of never used shoe lace - but no shoes to go along!
winter jacket
set of replacement jean button - my husband thought we might use them - but never did in years!

so that is it!!!  unfortunately I did not get to take a picture before they were brought out of my place (I am really bad at taking pictures...

With this last clean up, I can officially say that I am done decluttering.... I will now only have to maintain the place... but with my rules of not buying unless I really need something or to replace something I have used up it should be easy...

Obviously, this last decluttering experience has help me going to another project in my closet...  but this will be in my next post...

What about you?  have you tried the Reverse 100 thing challenge?
How did it go?

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