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Friday, June 1, 2012

I know my objective is reached

For those of you who have been following me, you may have realized that I had a shopping ''addiction'' and that I have been working really hard or resolving it...
Now I tried several ways to quit...  and I was always gettign back to it...

However, I am now glad to share that I now KNOW that I no longer have this problem!!! 

Why one might say? Why is this time the good one?

Well for starter, I have been following my shopping rules over the last 3 months!  I am still debt free!!!

But more importantly, there were 2 incidents this morning who proved to me that this addiction was over with!

First incident:  My husband will be working overtime quite a lot over the next few weeks.. in the past, I would go shopping when he did overtime cause I knew money would come in... Today when he annoucned he would have to do it, I immediately thought ''well what a great opportunity to work on my book'' and study for my course!  And also, he even offered me that money to go shopping and buy somethign nice for myself and I turned him down saying that we would put it aside for a nice trip to SPA Eastman later on this year!!!  COMPLETELY unlike me before!!!

Second incident:  On the radio this morning, I heard that our government has increase the amount of $ we can spend in a foreign country before having to pay duty fees on it!  That amount went from 50$ to 200$ for a 24h trip.... my instinct was to say to my son (who was in the car with me), that we could go shopping to Burlington and get stuff from stores we do not have here... only to realized as I was saying it that I do not buy stuff anymore... that after an hour at the mall I am fed up!!!  So what would be the point???  And here comes the really nice part...  even him said ''but why would you drive 2 hours to go shopping an hour and then come back? you don't shop as much now..  it doesn't make sense!''... he even realized that I don't shop as much!!!

And this is how I know my goal is REACHED!!!

I have no shopping addiction anymore!! I can move on to a better place in my life!!!

p.s. when setting a goal, it is important to set an event or an emotion that will show you your goal is reached!! If not what is the point of goal setting!!!

peace, love,

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