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Monday, May 7, 2012

Perfect timing

There was a fire in my building a week ago... Nobody was hurt which is the most important thing... No human or animal were harmed aside from the few elderly who had to be rushed to the emergency room for panic attack but they are fine...
One appartement which was occupied by 2 children and their parents was completely destroyed!!! They have nothing left (but themselves which is not too bad!)!!! Two other appartments were damaged but not everything is ruined...
Thanks for concrete walls and closeby firemen, the damages were controlled quite well....

However, going back into a building filed with smoke, black walls, broken windows and doors, no electricity is quite devastating...  When you enter your appartment and all you see is your cat crawling on the floor and smoke everywhere, and this horrible smell, no matter how much yoga and meditation you do, you have no more sence of material security!   So we opened the windows even thus it was quite cold and there was no electricity and took time to breathe.. and figure out what our next step should be!

We conclude quite fast, that sleeping there was not a solution for that night.... First we did not know when the power would be back... and it was already 7pm and sun was going down... and smell not going anywhere! So we opted for a hot comfortable hotel room!  Where we took a hot shower, nice meal and tried to sleep!

The next morning, I had organized my thaught and made a plan!!! We would go back home, take all that needed to get cleaned and go do laundry at my mom's (the laundry room was quite dirty still as it was on the same floor as the fire). Then in late afternoon we would come back home, open the windows again and clean the couch and bedroom as well as vacuum all the floors so at least we could sleep there on that night...
And on the monday my mom would come and help me do the rest... It was a good plan... and I was exhausted for a few days after... but all in all it went well...  and boy was I happy I am trying to live in a minimalist way!!! 

We have quite a lot of stuff still for pure minimalist... but we do not have much compared to what we used to have... over the last 5 years we have give away bags and bags of stuff...  if there was a time to get as close as we wanted to  become minimalist, NOW is a GREAT timing!!! And when I was cleaning we took the opportunity to start packing up stuff as we are moving in 7 weeks! 

After the cleaning was done and our place back to normal, then was the time to take care of myself... so I went back to my yoga....and meditation... to redo my roots... and not be so airy anymore!!! As my body really missed only one day of my practice, it got back to normal quite easily...and I would say that on the Thursday ( the fire was on Saturday) I was back to my old calm, centered self....  and happy about how all this went well...


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