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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good by Zoe

Zoe was my cat for the last 6 years and a little more....  she was black, very affectionate, smart and care giver...  She was offered to me by my husband a couple of years after we found out I had MS. As a mean for zoo therapy. And she did her job very well...  between 2005 and 2010, she was there for me whenever I needed her....  wether off work sick at home, just feeling down or anything else, she would be even more affectionate in those time... insisting to be sitting on sleeping ON me...  sharing her love and energy so that I felt better.... she would literaly follow me everyhere in the house...  I called her my ''fake dog''! She did a wonderful job...  that last year or so, I have been feeling great.. and she no longer really had a ''job'' to do with me... so it was retirement time for her!  (let's put it this way...) Over the last few months, she was not feeling so well but nothing to really worry about since it would last a few days and then she would be back to her old self... for many weeks or even months...  then over that last 10 days she was really not doing well...  It worried me....  a lot.... and I kind of knew where she was heading... 

So yesterday, after I had a good talk with her I brought her to the vet...  only to find out that she had liver cancer... and she was so advanced in it that she did not any great chace to survive after probably months of treatment... and suffering!  so I had to take the hardest decision ever... to let her go...  not to  be selfish and absolutely want to keep her... she had a great life and I like to believe that she was ready to go since I was feeling well now... I said my good bye to her and walked away..  in tears...

I did not sleep well at all.... and everytime I close my eyes I can see her... and everytime  I turn around or walk into a room I can still see her at her ususal spot...  and it kills me.. but I try and remind myself that at last she is no longer suffering...

I know to some she may have been ''just a cat''...  but to me she was MY cat, my little ball of fur...  that helped me through many years of pain... 

So long Zoe,
I willl never forget you!

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  1. Hey Nath,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult decision. What a year it's been. Congratulations on your beautiful journey. I hope you will continue writing. I have enjoyed your blogs. Lots of love and light and peace. xox