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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I use to be so exited about upcoming birthdays...  I could never wait for it, I would tell the whole world it was my birthday... I would expect every one I know to call me...  So many expectations and yet so many deceptions...  even thus I had many wonderfull ones....

I do not know if it has to do with age...  or simply my own evolution but I am not so much exited about them anymore...  not in the sense I use too anyway.  I now like to keep them 'secret'...  I do not advertise wherever I go... I like to spend that day and the surrounding ones (yes birthdays for me last a few days...) with people that are very dear to me.  Without huge plans...  and I realise that I have much less deception...

For example, this year, my husband was away most of the day on a training, my son had trampoline and swimming lessons and thus I had to drive around the city most of the day to be the taxi cab...and my brother is away on business in Gaspésie.   I was dreading this day as being exausthing... and boring! But it was in fact a wonderful one...  full of mini surprises and exited time spend with my son, my husband and my parents... and my brother called.... so did a few close friends.. and that was just enough!!!

My son has always given me something on my birthday that he gets while going shopping with my mom...  he has always made the decision himself and his very decisive of what it will be... no one can change his mind... and I must say that he has very good taste and always get something I really like... and I am not just saying that...  he does not read my blog!!  This year he got me a boudha... here's a picture of it in my living room in it's new home:

I simply LOVE it!!!!!!

I also had a wonderful lasagna.... the best vegetarian tomatoe sauce home made lasagna in the world... the one my mom makes!!!

My husband will get me a keyboard... I decided that I will finaly learn music... always wanted to learn the piano...  but since my small place and budget does not allow me to get a piano, I will start with a keyboard!!!

And the best part was me having lunch in a small restaurant called ''Le coyote''  on the corner of Beaubien and Chateaubriand en tête-à-tête with my son...  he is growing up so fast....  we even had a wonderfull discussion and the food was amazing!!! Thanks to my son to have introduced me to that place...  he had gone before... so he knew I would love it!

So to many more wonderfully small and surprising birthdays!!!

peace, love,

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