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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Summer is over.. or almost...  we can feel it in the weather... and in the traffic.. and in the going back to school...

I had an amazing summer... the best in a long while...

It's amazing I would say that because so much has been going on...  and if it was me years before,I would have just lost it!!! My husband lost his job... that meant less money but also that he spent the summer home with my son... that meant no rushing to and from daty camp to pick up my son... no lunches to make but my own... So it turned out being a real break for me too! Money is not always what one need!  A good break is also welcome!!!

My son has found a new passion... BMX...  and is getting ready to get into high school next year... that brought up many discussions over the summer... what school would be best for him? We had 3 options...  one implicated that we move....  and the other 2 that we stay put...

So we had to look at all aspects our all our lives to see what would work out fine... and for weeks, I have been debating, making pro and con lists...finaly, the day Irene hit us, we are at TAZ (indoor skate park) where Cedric is hanging out with his new friends... and we realize that we really enjoy that area. I have ben living there before for a couple of years and these have been some of the best years of my adult life!  My son would be close to his new passion and friends,  he would be in a francophone environment which would mean easier for him to make friends... Real and I are also getting bored with the West Island...  we spend 9 years in the area and we feel like we need to move on...  We feel like we no longer belong here.. we want simpler, quieter lifes...  And we are getting fed up of the mall and Starbucks routine... but feel as thus there is nothing else for us to do here... unless we drive to other places... but wwe wish to avoid taking the car as much as we can! 

In this new place, we would be more in tune with our most inherent desire to find peace... of course some will say that you can find peace anywhere...  and we did find it here... but we need to move on into an environement that as thus is still in Montreal, is not as close to shopping center and coffe places. We tried stopping these 'bad' habits but being so close by makes us not stick to our resolution! It'S as if you were asking an ancoholic to hand out in a bar!  What would be his odds on not drinking? Sometimes, we need ot give ourselves tools to make our lifes better! So we opted for the school that would require us to move... we should definitely find out by early next week if it'S a go!  Living in that new area, we would be a bike ride away from the Mont-Royal, Lafontaine park (with a nice bicycle path near by) and close enough to St-Denis that we would not need to take the car to get there in a decent amount of time!

Does it worry me all those changes?  Of course it does...  my husband is going back to school, my so enters another part of his life, we might move into a new place...  this will all change our lives but change, worrying as can be, is always for the better!  You only need to give it time! I will keep on doing my mediation and yoga.... so I am guided through all of theses changes...  and all will go well in the end! I will keep you guys posted on where this is going as soon as I have more details...


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