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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Talking with friends

I have been talking to friends recently about my shopping in July... and some observation came out that I wish to share with you. As you all already know if you have read the previous post, I have been shopping in July and I am enjoying it and I do not feel guilty about it!  I have bought a few pieces (I know 'few' is technically 3, but in this case, it is not!).  I started the year with a non shopping resolution...  unless I could prove the item to be essential!  I have come to several conclusion after 6 months of that...  here's what I can conclude about the situation and about myself:

1) Nothing really IS essential - except for food and shelter - and food in that case is only what is actually needed to sustain your life - not that fancy organic orange or that Starbucks chai late!
2) My shopping is not an addiction!  I have proven to myself that I can do without it for several weeks and even months without being unhappy!  This is a great relief for me.  I am not a shopaholic!!!
3) I really enjoy fashion and clothes!  It is a great passion of mine and I do not think passion should be brushed aside if they are not detrimental to yourself or others! Now wether or not buying clothes is detrimental to anyone on this planet is a whole different subject that I wish not to adress here.  I am talking about detrimental to myself or my loved ones.
4) I am quite creative!  I have had to remodel some pieces of clothing, or wear clothes in a different way or with different pieces  then what I usually wear them in order to still be original.
5) I have no wish for my sense of style and fashion to go away.  It is an essential part of my being.  Wether it is superficial or  not I think this can be an ongoing discussion... 
6) I really have not too many indulgences in my life...  I do not drink wine, go out to fine restaurants, go out to shows, party a lot, go on week end getaways on a regular basis....  I have a tiny appartment, regular furniture, small car...All I really enjoy  from the luxury of life in this part of the world are movies and lothing...  so why would I deprive myself of that life pleasure?

A friend made me realize then what I did was like following a very strict diet...  when you change the way you feed yourself, you have to do it as baby steps... so that you do not end up just giving up!  Same goes for shopping... for someone who used to do it a lot and enjoy clothes and fashion, just giving it all up may not have been the best idea... althus it made me realize stuff... I will resume shopping but not like I used to....

These are my new rules:
1) Only spend the money when I have it.  No more clothes on credit.
2) Only buy pieces I REALLY like and that REALLY reprensent me.
3) Buy pieces that coordinate well with at least 3 items I already own. 
4) No on the spot buying...  I have to wait at least 24 hours before I buy something I like.
5) Buy most items only when I get a discount of some sort...
6) Enjoy my shopping experience! 

This experiment has brought me a lot.. even thus I am cutting it short to what I had announced in January.  It has show me that one needs discipline in life...  I think we should take good care of our bodies...  with the best food we can afford and do yoga and meditation to also take care of you internal body, external appearance and mind... This is non-negociable.  As my husband claims, our body is our temple.. we should honour and take great care of it!  But isn't true that temple are well maintained and decorated?
Here come in clothes, haircut, make up, jewelry...  but there IS such a thing as too much...  There is no point in owning something you never wear... or do not really like...  or has no sentimental values to you... 
I decided I will keep on decorating my temple the way I like...  in a more reasonable, whenever I can afford it more sustainable, and more intelligent way!


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