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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am only human

I have a confession to make....  I have been shopping over the last week end....  I do not feel guilty about it.... After 6 months of non shopping, it actually felt quite good!  I spent money for stuff I really like and that I will wear for years to come!  I could argue that it was essential and none of you would actually know as you do not know the content of my wardrobe and what I have been buying!  Truth is, it was not essential...  I have enough clothes!  But I REALLY wanted it... and it felt GREAT!!!  I have still manage to save 70% since everything I bought was on sale and had an extra discount on the last marked price!
Now, I could consider that I failed.... but I don't!  Yes I said I was not gona buy stuff... and I did manage to do it for 6 months!  For a former shopaholic, I consider this to be a considerable achievement!  Even my husband was impressed how long I manage to do this!  (I must also say that he still has not buy non essential stuff!  He is great!!!!)  This incident does not mean that I am going back to my old habit... I have no desire to do so.... and I will continue the year as I  started... 6 more months should be quite managable!  The amount of money I spend is what I would spend on average per pay check before this January!  So it is stil a considerable improvement!  I am only human... I am not perfet!  Perfection does not exist....  I had a moment of weakness... and it is over with!

However, admitting what people can perceive as a mistake or an error or even failure is not easy... And I long debated how to write about this in my own head... but I figured that just doing like I did in the other posts would be ok... I just said it!  No fuss or no trying to find reasons  or excuse myself... Here's what I did...  wether it was OK or not... who I am to judge...  it is just waht happen.... and I did not arm anyone... And it made me feel great!!!  It felt like Christmas!   Unlike when I was doing this every single pay check and not get satisfaction out of it...

Take care...
And do not hesitate to comment on what you think about that!!!

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