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Friday, June 10, 2011


I am always surprise at how not well we deal with change... at least most of us...
I was never good with change...  control freaks do not like change... especially that not imposed by themselves! It use to drive me crazy...  and make my body suffer...  I would not sleep at night, I would have eczema, zits, bite my nails...  it would make me a mess just anticipating it!

With time, I've gotten better at it... Still sometimes get not as good of a night sleep and/or some eczema but only in one specific spot instead of it covering all my body!  My yoga and meditation practice helps greatly in that sense...  When practicing yoga and meditation, it is surprising how little control you have over your body and mind... so you need to learn to let go! And you find out that in the end of your practice, everything turns out just fine... or even better!  Even more than if you try to control it!  Everything always works out in the end!

I have had many occasions in my life to learn that... I have had major health related issues, a car accident, a separation, job loss, business loss, bankruptcy, major depression of a beloved one, and I came so close to not being part of this world anymore that it is extremely surprising that I can write this blog... All that to say that I have been forced to deal with change and I came to realize that in the end, it always works out for the best!  Even when the worst possible thing happens, you grow from it and you become a better person! Of course, easier said then done.... I am not saying that I am perfect at this... I am in a stressfull part of my life now as my husband just loss his job...  but he as plans and he wants to try something else... something more in tune whit who is is then the job he was doing now...  it will ask yet more adjusment from us...  moneywise of course but also who knows what his work schedule will be, how the transit will go, the vacation time he will have... all these details can be nerve wracking... changes... he has been at the same job for so long that we had developped a routine...  and just assumed that nothing would change anymore.. but this is not how life goes! Never assume! Never take anything for granted!

Life brings you where you need to be... wether you want it or not!  And if you can figure out the message that it is trying to send you, you will be miserable.. however, when you try to listen carefully and understand, wonderfull adventures awaits you...

Now if you look more carefully at the big picture, life is a permanent change...  we grow older by the second... all our life!  we wake up in the morning and go back to bed at night... we do not stay permanently up or asleep... night follows day... monday follows sunday...  february follows january...  springs follows winter... sun follows rain...  warm follows cold... flower follows snow... and so on!  
So yes there are rough patches in life but there is always light at the end of the tunnel...

So for now, I try to meditate a lot to keep my calm... and see that in the end, my husband will be happier doing a lower paying job that he loves than a high paying one that he despises... ultimately, having a happy husband will be much better... than  a non happy one... for all of us!!!

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