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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I started this blog, I had put in one blog the rules (look at my blog from Jan 9th entitled "What is essential?") for that challenge we came up with.  One of the rule was that we would keep our monthly SPA Finlandais visit that we considered was important for our health and our daily chai latte at Starbucks that we considered being part of our meals...

Well, on those 2 subjects, there has been some changes...  Since the beginning of the year we went to the Finlandais only twice: on Jan 1st and sometimes in March...  so this rule seem to have change naturally!  We did not make an effort to change it, or cut just happened! 
As for Starbucks (now, those really close to me will think that I have finaly completely lost it!), we slowly got saturated and are not so much into it anymore!  We even realized that the last few weeks, we have been going as an habit, even forcing ourselves to go!!  Not because we really wanted to, but because we were used to do it!Like brushing our teeth!!!  So as of now, I have not had a Starbucks since Sunday 5pm....  that is almost 48 hours which honestly is a record for me who passes by a Starbucks 3-4 times a day!!! And used to have at least 2 per days - sometimes 3!!! I am not saying that I will never go again!!! I still love a grande soy tazo chai!  But we decided that the best time for us to go would be in the morning on the week end!  This is the one we enjoy the most!  As we have time to sit down, chat, read...  We will also go upon invite! A few people we meet now and then are use to meet us there and they also enjoy it!  So this will stay.. I will not refuse an invite to Starbucks!

So I said I would keep you posted if we made changes to the "rules"... Well I just did...  even thus, at the time, beginning of January, I would have bet we would have made the rules more loose and not cut even more...  but this is just happening!  This is how my husband and I feel... we are not trying to make this harder but we feel like cutting even more is somehow getting easier... Voluntary simplicity here we come!  At first we forced ourselves into it!  But now, it is forcing itself into us!!!

How strange is that???  I have been told quite a few times in my life that I am different or weird...  and I assume it!  Or try to!  Even thus it is not always easy to swim upstreams!  but I realize now that if you can let go of what people say or think, it gets easier... and someohow, we are all different... even if some people stick out more, I think that they are just more easily assuming their differences!  It comes with time!

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