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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Spring is my favorite season... always has been... probably always will be...

I love the smell, the light, the leafs coming out, the sound of the snow melting, the birds singing,the
occasionnal thundershower, the cleansing rain, the flowers blooming... the first bicycle ride, walk in the
park, feeling the ground under my feet, not the cold snow... 

Spring means new beginning, a new chance for life... this is why I have not written in a few days...  I am
overwhelmed by feelings and emotions and desire to do things...  I feel so alive and wanna do so many things... plan our summer, do yoga, bicycle, read, knit, cook, write this blog... and I wanna write about everything and nothing... So I can't actually pick a subject so this is why I am not really writing!!! Even thus millions of idea runs through my head! Neither can I pick an activity and just do it! Everything is just so tempting! I spend so many time just thinking about what I should do next that I often time end up not doing as much as I would like but actually having time to enjoy every second passing by!

Isn't that weird?
What are your toughts about spring?
Any subject you would like me to write on?

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