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Sunday, March 20, 2011

16 hours later

Hi!  for the few of you who may not know that I have officially started the process of doing my 300h yoga teacher training, well now you know...
I have not blogged about this yet because I had mixed emotions and was not sure I really wanted to get into it anymore... It seemed like a lot... and I was afraid I did not have what it took to start this challenge...

This week end, we had our first 16h workshop...  Modern Ashtanga.  We went thru the first and half of the second series, did many hours of led practice and try so many poses and transitions that I had never even see before...  We also learned about the chant and the theory behind the 8 limbs... it was very interesting... even thus extremely challenging....  every morning I would wake up more sore than  the previous one... and after all the backbending we did today (which are one of my weaknesses), I cannot imagine in what state I will wake up on Monday!!!

We also did a spring solstice ritual that consisted on writing on a piece of paper an emotion or feeling or habit you wanna get rid of... then burning and flushing down this paper...  thus getting rid of that thing you no longer want in you...  It was refreshing.... and I really liked it!!!

So that will be it for now....  I have many infos to process.... and digest before I can get back to you...

One last thing, after doing this workshop, I am convinced that I can do this.... I will need to work hard, study and work on myself but it will be so worth it at the end...


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