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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deck of cards

My son and I played cards tonight...

Along with the no shopping thing, we are trying to get to a simpler way of life...  So, on school night, there is no computer, no video games, no ipod...  and TV time is limited to 1h30min... 
So tonight, because there was not much studying to do due to a carnival tomorrow and friday, there was lots of free time!!!  So after practicing the guitar and before watching TV, there was time to play cards... we played for 45 minutes.... it was fun... quality time!!! And my son also got to looks at some books on his book shelves!

When I grew up, there was no computer or video games...  they were wildly  available in my mid teenager years.... We did not even have cable for most of my life...  I was figure skating most night....  4 out of 5....  but I sometimes wonder what kids were doing prior to TV and computer and ipod and all those things!!!  it now seems that our lives revolve around the TV schedule...  people do not go out, or make phone calls because there is such and such a show on TV... 

I am fascinated by the impact TV has on us...  I, for one, was doing this not too long ago... I have cancelled plans on occasion for a TVshow in the past.... and I got out of this habit when we did not have cable and were only able to get 2 channels for a couple of years....  I also noticed that whatever add is on, almost convince me that I need that stuff.... even thus I am not authorised to buy it for this year...  :)  I feel like the less TV I watched, the better I feel...  I already stopped watching the news about 10 years ago.. and my stresss level really decreased by doing so... Now, I have decrease my TV time and I honestly do not miss it....

I must admit that I now have cable, I tought it was unfair for my son not to be able to understand what his friends were talking about...  but I limit the exposure... or do the best I can to do so...  and whenever he no longer lives with me, a few years down the line, or when he is OK with it also, we will not own a TV anymore....

I do realize that all technology do have some advantages.... I love to text people..  or write this blog, or search the net for vegetarain recipes or yoga stuff or vacations...  but I guess it is like everything else... too much of a good thing can be too much!

What are your toughts on TV and technology?


  1. TV for me a time to laugh, since most of the show I watch are comedies. After a hard day, bad news on the radio, I seriously need the laughter. The internet, could live it :)


  2. Technology is a must for me! Come on sister! Have you seen me with my Iphone???

    I am a huge TV listener... I don't think I could live without it... for now anyways... And so much of my work depends on the news and what's going on in the world anyways...