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Monday, February 14, 2011

100 things challenge

At chapters, I came across this book called "100 things challenge" by a guy name David. This guy was also trying to get a simpler life (obviously, I am not allowed buying the book, so I visited his site and blog).  A couple of years ago, he decided to spend a year with only 100 things that were his only.  He made a set of rules, excluding family stuff like kitchen table, appliances and all those things because it was his decision, not his wife or daughter one.  One rule was that he would select 100 things that he wished to keep and give everything else away.  During the year, if he got a gift or wanted to buy something new, he had to get rid on an object in order to keep this new one.  Another rule was that group of objects were considered one... like sock and underwear... there is not point in keeping only one of each and have to do laundry every day for a pair of socks and underwear...   Less is not always more!  In total, he was not allowed more than 100 personnal things.  That was a couple of years ago and he is still going by that rule even thus he is somewhat more flexible with the number.  As long as he remains close to a 100.    Currently, on his site, there is 95 items listed.  I tought that it was very interesting.

I find it amazing to see that many people are trying to change things around.... to give ourselves and our children a chance to a better life....  Obviously this guy made a book out of this... so it is being read and inspire other people, and if you look at his web page and blog, you can see other people also trying to get to a simpler way of life...

What I find cool is that it does not matter to what extent you do it... every small step count... step by step you can climb a mountain!!! 

Even Oprah is having a vegan week for herself and three hundred and something of her staff... 

Did you know that if everyone in America was to have one meatless day per week every week, we could actually change the quality of the environment significantly?  How many of you are up for it?  Just one day a week...    That is only 14% of the time...  if you exclude breakfast which rarely includes meat, it is only about 8% of the time!

Here is the link to David site and blog... take a look if you are interested!

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