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Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Je lève mon verre"

This is my new favourite song... it's by William Deslauriers.  It basically is "let's drink to that" and it talks about how we are abusing this planet we live on...  how we are pushing the limits and heading toward a place which may not be so much fun if we do not change...  but it is a huge message of hope...  the song says that he is trying to change things...  that there is hope that we will find a solution... and he "lève son verre" to those people who are trying to make a difference... trying to get back to a nicest place to live... where our kids can find trees, water, less corruption, world peace...  there should be no "borders"... after all we are all humans...   and we should all help each other... 

If I was able to sing (and this is the one thing I cannot do!), this is probably the song I would have like to be written for me...  it sums up what I am trying to do... leave hope, try to change this place.... and all you guys who are regularly reading this blog and asking questions and showing interest in what we are doing are great!!!  It shows you care!!!

here's the link to a video of the song...

"je lève mon verre" to all of you my friends!!!

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