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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green is the new black - how to change the world with style

I bought this book at Chapters at lunch time...  In my previous post, I said that books were to be discussed...  but this one is essential...  if I am going to spend a year without getting new clothes or almost none...  which compare to the last 10 years of my life is a huge difference...  I still wanna do it in a stylish way.. my style obviously!   I wanna show people that this can be fun and creative...  not a punishment...  or else no one will wanna get even remotely close to trying it...  so it would defeat the purpose!!! If I wanna change this world, I need to show people that is can be fun, intersting, challenging and enjoyable...  so I will go throught this book and let you know what this is about... 
Subject to be find in the books include thrift stores, knitting, 5$ jeans, organic cotton, purses and bags,ethical jewelry...
but it also made me think about modifying my clothes, modifying other people clothes that they no longer want, sewing, swapping...  etc and I will probably come up with more ideas...

So I will start this book and figure out what my next year will be like clothes wise...   The main idea is to save raw materials from being manufacture... hence save this wonderful planet we live on!  So by using what I already own or what other people use to own, I do not demand any more raw materials...  and secondly, I will save money!!! (for a future project...)

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