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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3

only day 3... still easy....  we went to the mall this morning because I had a gift to exchange.. did not buy anything else...  but we had a discussion on what is "essential"???  we do not wanna go overboard either...  but we are thinking that we do not need furniture, kitchen stuff, clothes, jewelry... that we can do with what we have... unless all our underwear are stolen in the laundry room...  ;)  but I know this is very unlikely...  now, lets assume we tear a white shirt by accident... (we already concluded that doing this purposely would not allow us to buy another shirt!) but we have another white shirt...  are 2 white shirts essential?  do we get to replace any worn out piece of clothing or we wait untill we have nothing else to wear? where do we draw the line?  what if it can be fix?  I would think, you get it fix... in order not to use more raw material... 

now, comes the food subject... restaurant are surely not essential...  but eating is...  not the whole purpose of doing this is to use less ressources from mother earth...  so eating is eating... assuming we do not pig out becasue we are dining out...  waht about desert?  chocolate bars? this surely is not essentail... but then again, it is food... I do not think having desert occasionnaly would be as much detrimental to mother earth as buying hundreds of dollars of clothes every month???

what do you guys think???  where would you draw the line???    

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