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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am so exited... I just filled out my application with D-Trois-Pierres in order to get a basket per week for 20 weeks of locally, organically grown vegetables!!!  Yummy!!!!  It will be many different kinds of vegetables.... some I never even try...  or had no idea what they could be used for! But now that I have become a "chef" and really like to try out new stuff, it will be a great challenge...  on the web site, you can also find recipes if there is something you have no idea what to do with...

My husband asked me to promise him to not throw out any vegetables that I would receive...  so this will imply sometimes asking you guys what to do with something....  or looking it up... or perhaps giving out some... either raw or already prepared... my husband and I do not eat much as most of you know and in my small flat, there is not much room to store food.... cooked or not!!!

Obviously, 1kg of vegetable is not that much for a whole week if it is well diversify... since we have a plant base diet! But send me 1kg of zucchini and I will have ot become very creative!

So you guys can do the same... look it up in your region and see what it available... I am getting my stuff from Cap St-Jacques... they deliver close to my house but also on Ile-Bizard, and in Rosemont for eg....  so look it up and it might be someting you guys would lilke to do!

Here's the link:

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